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Medical ApplicationsMedical Applications

To learn more about some of the medical applications on which Dynamic Plastics has worked, click on any of the case studies listed below.

Mobile Medication Cabinet

Mobile Medication Cabinet
  • Mobile medication cabinet for medical OEM
  • Package of 19 aluminum tools completed in 6 weeks
  • Resin used is PC/ABS in custom colors

Grip for Medical Cart Handle

Medical Cart Handle Grip
  • Low Volume Production Aluminum tooling in 3 weeks
  • Material is Hytrel 3078

Lens Cover

Lens Cover
  • Lens cover for medical OEM
  • Aluminum prototype tool in 5 weeks
  • High Polish finish

Diagnostic Unit

Diagnostic Unit
  • Diagnostic unit for medical OEM
  • Low volume production aluminum tooling produced in 4 weeks
  • Volumes are 1,000 units per year

Centrifuge Assembly Part

Centrifuge Assembly Part
  • Precision part for Centrifuge assembly for medical OEM
  • P-20 production tool in 5 weeks
  • Material is polycarbonate

Filtration Cover and Housing

Filtration Cover and Housing
  • Cover and Housing filtration parts for medical OEM
  • Aluminum tooling in 4 weeks
  • Material used is ABS with 2% anti-microbial additive

Transmedics Organ Care System

Transmedics Organ Care System
  • Designed and manufactured to maintain human organs in a functioning state in preparation for transplantation
  • Winner of the Medical Design Excellence Award in 2007
  • Low volume: 10 parts molded from PCABS
  • Aluminum tools produced in 4+ weeks