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Consumer/Electronics ApplicationsConsumer/Electronics Applications

To learn more about some of the consumer/electronics applications on which Dynamic Plastics has worked, click on any of the case studies listed below.

Boating GPS System

Brunswick GPS System Bezel
  • Bezel for GPS system for boating industry
  • Aluminum tooling in five weeks
  • Volumes of 1000 per year
  • Secondary operations: shielding and installation of threaded brass inserts

Heath Consultants

Heath Consultants
  • Unit for detecting natural gas leaks
  • Aluminum tooling in four weeks
  • Material is PC/ABS for main body and TPE for endcaps and side panels

Consumer Handheld Devices

Consumer Handheld Devices
  • Molds are produced in-house from machined aluminum for rapid prototype development (2+ weeks)
  • Tools constructed from P-20 steel and aluminum with steel inserts are also produced. Selection is dependent on material, geometry and volume requirements.
  • Aluminum tools are capable of 50,000+ cycles.
  • Injection molding machines from 75 to 500 tons

Tape Dispenser

Tape Dispenser
  • Tactile dispenser designed and manufactured for improving OEM's internal efficiency.
  • Material is fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate fastened to flexible orange wings made from Sanoprene.
  • Low volumes: 1,000 sets per year
  • Three molds produces and sampled within five weeks